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77. Duck eggs

duck eggs

Now that white Brits have finally got over their smoked salmon and scrambled eggs obsession, a new breakfast trend has boldly emerged. If you find yourself in a café for brunch and notice that the eggs are paltry hen’s eggs, it is advisable to make a swift exit. An establishment that has not yet adopted the duck egg for all its eggy recipes is clearly unfit for the patronage of any self-respecting white Brit.

Bigger, richer and just overall better in every way, the duck egg is to the hen’s egg what dauphinoise is to mash. Broadway Market and Waitrose, ever compliant to the wishes of their clientele, stock free range duck eggs in ever greater quantities. Perhaps it is their translucency, or the crisp white shell. Perhaps it is their creamy, silky texture. But duck eggs have captured the hearts, and truly the plates, of white Brits all over the country.

Other foods that white Brits will never tire of include: sourdough and soda bread, smoked salmon, avocado, asparagus, capers, camembert, manchego, and home-made pesto. Try mixing them all together into a nice mush and you could be the lucky winner of the upcoming Hackney episode of Come Dine With Me. However, N.B.: white Brits are fickle creatures, and formerly-popular choices such as sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts are now considered outmoded.


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